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Hi, I'm Julian. I am a content strategist and journalist. To me, great writing is well-researched and relevant. Great writing highlights a product's value, rather than conceals its imperfections. Great writing celebrates the truth.



Sender Score and email reputation (Mailjet, 2019)

A Maker Mag Survey - Looking back at 2018 and going forward in 2019 (Maker Mag, 2019)

Maker Mag: one month later (Maker Mag, 2019)

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Various (United Nations, 2017)

Great work on that article! Everett was super impressed. He said he couldn’t believe you made his life story so interesting.

Michael Berhane, Founder of POCinTech



How The Son of Black IBM Engineers From the ’60s Became a Tech CEO, Who Helped Fix (POCinTech, 2019)

Digital communities: an interview with Product Hunt’s Ryan Hoover (Maker Mag, 2018)

From 3D printing to Startup Book Club: interview with John B. Bartlet (Maker Mag, 2018)

Beyond the Binary//A call for non-binary identities (Norwich Radical, 2017)

Whitewashing of Mental Health (Norwich Radical, 2016)

The Consequences of the Iraq War (Norwich Radical, 2016)

We’re Here. We’re Queer. And We Matter: The Hidden Face of the LGBTQ+ Community (Norwich Radical, 2016)

Understanding the French Labour Reform: The Last Radical Attempt to Invert High Unemployment Rates (Norwich Radical, 2016)

Honestly, it’s really great. Thank you for writing it. I’m made me feel like I’m on a path to somewhere.

John B. Bartlett, Founder of Startup Book Club


Creative Writing

UEA 50th Anniversary Scholarship recipient

GWS Literary Prize 2014 Winner in Poetry w/ "Killing my mother" (GWS, 2014)

Royal Collection Trust 2014 Winner w/ "The hobby of searching for gold"(Royal Collection, 2014)

Writer of Ice Ice Baby Parody - "SaaStock Techy" (Mailjet, 2018)



Galeries Lafayette Success Story (Mailjet, 2019)
When’s the Best Time to Send Your Email Newsletters? (Mailjet, 2019)

Best Email Marketing Software Comparison (Mailjet, 2019)

Various (Mailjet, 2018-19)


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